variant: a zine for non-binary trans* people

i’m looking for submissions for a zine (working title ‘variant’) by and for non-binary trans* people expressing anger, joy, fears & generally sharing feelings & emotions around being trans* & non-binary, and how that intersects with other parts of our lives and identities.

the idea of the zine is to make something by non-binary folks for the consumption of other non-binary people. i’m looking for fiction, non-fiction, poems, stories, comics, illustrations, paintings - literally anything you can send in.

i’m happy to edit & put it together, but would love anyone with cut-and-paste or graphic design skills (or with reading skills who can help check content because i’m not great with academic language) who wants to help out to get involved too. 

guide for submissions:

  • no 101-style introduction-to-being-trans* content. i don’t want a glossary of terms in this zine because i’m honestly sick of explaining myself. this is by and for non-binary people; not watered down material made for the consumption of cis people so they can ‘understand’ us better.
  • nothing racist, sexist, misogynistic, transmisogynistic, ableist or transphobic. that’s why i want help with peeps willing to read content - i have a lot of trouble understanding academic language and would hate to accidentally publish something discriminatory or hateful.
  • nsfw content is totally welcome and in general there’s no real restrictions on content.
  • literally any submission is welcome - stuff scanned from the back of a napkin, just a .txt file of some thoughts and feelings, etc. i’ll edit stuff together, so you don’t have to submit finished pages or anything.
  • pls submit any pictures in a relatively high quality, in a jpg or png format. make sure they work in a black and white format too.
  • i am not going to police anyone’s identity for this: if you identify as non-binary and trans* then cool pls submit!

submissions close 30 september (message me for deets, my askbox is open), and the zine will be released in an online digital format. :) it might be made into a print version if i can work out how to do that: tips are appreciated!

for more info please don’t hesitate to contact me. if there are questions or bits you don’t understand or whatever (or you wanna get involved!) then again pls contact me! :) i am also welcome to ideas from non-binary trans* folks who want to mold the zine in a different direction, i just really want to forge some community and do something together! 

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